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Paul Jacob, Nancy Ross, and Hary Kresky participated in the Claiming Democracy conference held at the University of District of Columbia Law School
November 10, 2007

Long time independent and election law attorney Harry Kresky (above right with CUIP's Nancy Ross and Citizens in Charge's Paul Jacob) led a workship at the Claim Democracy conference which took place on the campus of the University of District Columbia Law School November 9 - 11, 2007.
Claim Democracy, sponsored by FairVote and 60 other organizations, was designed to “bring together national, state and local leaders working for election reform, voter protection and media reform". The last Claim Democracy conference took place in 2003. Several hundred individuals participated in this years event.
Kresky, a long time independent who has litigated some of the most cutting edge cases in election law on behalf of independent voters, spoke about the practice of fusion voting, drawing on the experience of the Independence Party of New York. He also spoke about open primaries and nonpartisan elections; critical reforms needed by independent voters to level the playing field. (See his op ed "Washington case will help weigh party power vs. public interest" in the The News Tribune.)
Paul Jacob, pictured top, is best known as a champion of term limits and for running the nation's largest term limits group (U.S. Term Limits) for over a decade. For his work , columnist Robert Novak good-naturedly called him “the most hated man in Washington.”
Paul has again incurred the wrath of the political establishment as president of Citizens in Charge Foundation which seeks to protect and expand the right of initiative & referendum. In October 2007, Jacob was indicted by the Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson for his role in a 2006 taxpayer reform intiative which 300,000 Oklahoma residents signed to place on the ballot. Along with Jacob, the Attorney General targeted two others: Susan Johnson (National Voter Outreach President), and Rick Carpenter (of Oklahomans in Action).
Independent Oklahoma activist Kim Wright has drafted an open letter to the Governor to protest the indictments of the "Oklahoma 3" calling it an attempt to "frighten and intimidate voters from exercising their constitutional rights to participate in the initiative process" and has mounted a campaign to have independents sign on. Click here to sign on to Kim's letter.
Headliners of the conference included CEO Scott Heiferman, former presidential candidate John Anderson, Grover Norquist, the New Yorker’s Hendrik Hertzberg, the LCCR's Wade Henderson, D.C. city council chairman Vincent Gray, the Brennan Center’s Deborah Goldberg, former EAC commissioner Ray Martinez, and former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic.
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