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"Contact us today to get connected to our network of independent voter groups below.  Together we're making a difference."

Gwen Mandell


Independent groups

CUIP is motivating, training and supporting an activist network of independent leaders who are building throughout the country.

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AL, Independent Alabama


AZ, Independent Voters for Arizona


CO, Coalition of Independent Voters in Colorado (CIVIC)

CT, Independent Voters of Connecticut (IVOCT)

DE, Independent Party of Delaware

FL, Florida Fair and Open

GA, Georgia Independent Voters

IA, Independent Voters of Iowa

ID, American Independent Movement

IL, United Independents of Illinois

KS, Kansas Independents

KY, Independent Kentucky

LA, Alliance of Louisiana Indepeendent Voters (ALIV)

MA, Massachusetts Coalition of Independent Voters

MD, Maryland Independent Voters

MD, Independent Movement of Maryland

MI, Michigan Independent Voters

MO, Missouri Independents Stand Together (M.I.S.T.)

MS, Committee for Open Primaries

NC, North Carolina Independents

NJ, New Jersey Independent Voters

NH, New Hampshire Independent Voters

NM, New Mexico Open Primaries

NV, Independent Voters of Nevada (IVON)

NY, Independence Party

OH, Independent Ohio

OR, Independent Voters of Oregon (IVOO)

PA, Independent Pennsylvanians

RI, Independent Voters of Rhode Island

SC, Independence Party of South Carolina

SD, South Dakota Voice of Independents

TX, Lone Star Independents

UT, Utah League of Independent Voters

VA, Virginia Independent Voters Association (VIVA)


Join the Open Our Democracy Campaign

SEND A LETTER to your Congressional representative and SHARE the campaign.



Every six weeks, CUIP president Jacqueline Salit hosts America's largest ongoing national call for independents. She provides updates about what independents are doing around the country and how the movement is growing. Get connected, hear updates. 

Next conference call:

Next call: To be announced

Sign up for the conference call

Listen to the 1/29/17 call here

Post-Election; Post-Inauguration: Now Let's Bring Independents Together

Q&A with Jackie Salit

Listen to the 11/13/16 Post-election call here

Q&A with Jackie Salit

Listen to the 9/20/16 call here

Q&A with Jackie Salit

Listen to the 6/28/16 call here

"Convention Fever: an independent's unconventional guide to the Democratic & Republican Conventions" - Special Q&A

Listen to the 4/26/16 call here

"Rules of the Game"

Listen to the 12/15/15 call here

"The Parties vs. the People: Where's the Power in Presidential Politics? - Special Q&A"

Listen to the 9/29/15 call here

"Presidential Politics: Where Are Independents in the Mix?

Listen to the 7/15/15 interview with Rep. John Delaney about H.R. 2655, the Open Our Democracy Act here


  Check out the candidate's questionnaire created by the Election Reform Committeeof, designed to help local chapters identify potential partners in the building of the broader reform movement and to educate candidates about the concerns of independents

The Election Reform Committee of has released a report entitled "How to Mobilize and Engage Independents in Your Network" to capture what they learned in the process of organizing independents to participate in the lobbying effort directed at the President's Commission on Election Administration. "We hope that in this report we have captured key lessons in a way that other independent activists all over will find useful," said Steve Richardson, chair of the Committee. The PCEA concluded its process by issuing a set of recommendations to President Obama which notably made no mention of independents. 

The Committee also created a "Core Values and Planning Guide."  Click here to read


If you live in one of the following areas and would like to be part of a regional call. contact the organizer listed below:

Midwest:  Cynthia Carpathios at

New England: Evelyn Dougherty

South: Dr. Omar Ali

West:  Catana Barnes






Independents Demand Recognition

Independent Voters for Arizona have launched an organizing initiative to expand statewide, led by Kim Ames-Wright in Prescott and James Morrison in Tucson.  Tim Castro, a seasoned professional is on board to organize the expansion campaign and Amanda Melcher, the phone operation. Currently, they are reaching out to independents across the state with a letter to the parties to open up the presidential primaries.  Meanwhile, the fight for NonPartisan elections continues, with the nonprofit, ONE (Open Nonpartisan Elections) emerging to advocate for structural political reform that would allow independents to vote in every round of elections. It is led by former Mayor Paul Johnson.  Listen to a telephone town hall here. If you are interested in participating, email




Florida Fair and Open Elections was formed in March 2012 and is coordinated by Duane Pike in Tampa, Steve Hough in Panama City and Choice Edwards in Clermont.


Steve Hough has been organizing independents in Panama City, polling voters on the phones at in the streets.  He can be reached at

Says Pike, "We now have spokespeople in numerous cities throughout Florida and have developed materials to help in our efforts to contact representatives, write editorials and media requests and build independent organization in Florida.  We urge you to be part of our exciting and important campaign for open primaries here in Florida."

Florida Fair and Open Elections has been waging a battle to for a Top Two Open Primary Initiative Petition in Florida. For more info, go to Florida's website.

Please "like" them on Facebook

For more information and to become active, email




Independent Kentucky continues the fight for open primaries and political reform. Contact or you can find Independent Kentucky here to follow Independent Kentucky's ongoing fight to pass open primary legislation.

IK now has its own IK-Live UStream station where you can check out their latest statewide meeting.  On the last broadcast, IK Chair Michael Lewis spoke about the organization's 120/120 campaign where they are looking to get 120 signatures in each of the Commonwealth's 120 counties.  IK also began phone bank events to reach out to independents around the state. 




If you are a concerned Maine citizen looking to challenge the dominance of the parties over the process and want to get involved, contact Joe Pickering at

Check out video of forums Joe, along with the Bangor League of Women Voters and Bangor Public Library organized, the first, September 30, 2013 which featured prominent independents, including's Jackie Salit and the second (October 2013) and third (May 2014) asked leaders of the parties to address thh issues of independent voters.

(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). Listen to Joe on WZON radio.




Massachusetts Coalition of Independent Voters is an association representing independents who make up 51% of registered voters.

MCOIV has been reaching out to independents in Massachusetts on the phones and in the streets,

For more info on MCOIV contact

  Phil Leech is a resident of Spring Lake, Michigan, 30 miles west of Grand Rapids where he lives with his wife Betty. After signing up on the website, Phil wrote this letter to the editor as part of the Voting Rights Are Primary campaign which was published in two newspapers talking about the "serious flaws which precludes many Michigan citizens from truly making their choices heard."

Says Phil: "I decided to found Michigan Independent Voters because I believe we can take this fight one step further on a state and local level by challenging the structure of a process which locks a large segment of voters out. A nonpartisan commission for the establishment of congressional and legislative boundaries and open primaries are two issues that I personally believe strongly in."

Phil invites all Michigan independents to contact him at


Natesha Oliver, founded  Missouri Independents Stand Together (MIST) by surveying voters on primary day, August 5 in Kansas City, Missouri.  She said: "It was the first time that I had done anything like this, and I was a little nervous, but I was comfortable in what I was doing and that eased the fear."   Her letter to the editor, "Independents Get Short Shrift," was printed in the Independence Examiner prior to primary day. Natesha is excited about continuing to build M.I.S.T.  Contact her at to join her or go to the M.I.S.T. website.



Catana Barnes of Reno is the leader of Independent Voters of Nevada (IVON). Nevada is a closed primary state. Barnes is currently calling independents across the state and polling them. The open primary petition can be downloaded here or sign the petition online here

Barnes was quoted in the Las Vegas Sun and appeared on a national radio show The Takeaway.  Read her latest guest editorial in The Humboldt Sun.  For more information or to participate in the campaign, contact Catana at or go IVON's website


Led by Tiani Coleman and Susan Erickson, New Hampshire Independent Voters has been out conducting a survey and meeting voters.  Prio to their successful Voting Rights Are Primary picket on primary day, co-chair Tiani Coleman wrote this editorial, "What About Moving to NonPartisan Primaries," which appeared in the Foster Daily Democrat and Keene Sentinel Source

For more information on how to join New Hampshire Independent Voters, contact Tiani Coleman at






The movement for political reform is growing in New Mexico! After attending's national conference of independents, former legislator Bob Perls took the fight back to New Mexico. "The experience was transformative because it reinforced that there is a national movement targeting the same critical electoral and structural political reforms I have been passionate about for decades."

Check out KOB-TV's coverage of the new organization, New Mexico Open Primaries and listen here to Bob on the Rock of Talk radio show. To become involved, contact Bob at

Please sign this petition posted by New Mexico independent leader Tisha LeRose in support of Top Two which says Closed primaries serve the interests of the political parties and not the people.  Top two nonpartisan primaries put the power where it belongs - WITH THE PEOPLE.




  North Carolina Independents are holding a series of forums, including the recent one at UNC-Greensboro. Dr. Omar Ali (Assoc. Prof of African American & Diaspora Studies & History, UNC-Greensboro) and Donna Moser authored an op ed Declaration of IndependentsNorth Carolina Independents which represents the 1.5 million unaffiliated voters is involved in a variety of activities to call for hearings on the biases of independents and to increase to the registration (and voice) of unaffiliated voters in NC.  If you'd like to get involved, email NCI at or check out their website


As one of her first tasks in launching Independent Ohio, Cynthia Carpathios wrote an Op-Ed, "Independent Voters Urge Reforms to Limit Partisan Political Power" that was published in two newspapers, The Signal, a community paper and The Cleveland Plain Dealer, the daily paper of Cleveland.

Her Guest Column has generated an engaged back and forth in the comments section on why independents choose to be independents and prompted the local NBC-TV affiliate (WKYC) to do a story on Independent Ohio.  Click here to view Between the Lines: Independent Voters Launch Group

Independent Ohio is organizing a panel discussion on nonpartisan politics on October 10, "Moving Beyond Partisanship" at Oberlin College.  To find out more or get involved in Independent Ohio, contact or visit Independent Ohio's website.

  Independent Voters of Oregon is be working on mobilizing voters in Oregon for a top two open primary initiative (Vote Yes on 90) that will be on the ballot in November. Spokespersons Charles Young and Bentley Gilbert were intereviewed in an article that appeared on the front page of Roseburg's local paper Sunday edition, the Roseburg News and Review.  For more information or to get involved, check out IVOO's new website or contact Charles Young at Charles.

Independent Pennslyvanians. Led by Jennifer Bullock, Independent Pennsylvania continue to fight for open primaries.  Read articles in The Philadelphia Weekly and NewsWorks on IPA's informational pickets highlighting independents' exclusion from the process. For more information on Independent Pennsylvania go to Independent Pennsylvania and take the PA Citizen Survey

  52 South Carolina Independents signed on to a letter to the editor supporting efforts by a coalition of forces including, South Carolina Independence Party (led by Wayne Griffin, left with CUIP attorney Harry Kresky) and 13 local elected officials to keep the primaries open. The coalition intervened on the Republican Party's attempt to have the primaries closed and Judge Michelle Childs ruled in favor of keeping the primaries open.  Congratulations to all! 

Former Sioux Falls Mayor and KSOO radio host Rick Knobe is building South Dakota Voice of Independents. Knobe is also a leader of South Dakotans for Non-Partisan Elections, the coalition which is working to pass Amendment V, the ballot measure for nonpartisan primaries this November. To get involved, contact Rick at


More than half of Utah voters (51.5%) consider themselves independent. To give voice to their concerns, the Utah League of Independent Voters (ULIV).  Contact Randy Miller at to get involved.


Virginia Independent Voters Association (VIVA) can be reached via their facebook page or by emailing Here's a report by the Northern Virginia crew on their visit to Capitol Hill to meet with Congress and their staff and ask them to hold hearings.



Independents Write President Obama for the Midterms

On's October 12 conference call, Jackie Salit urged participants to "Write to President Obama"

110 people wrote letters in the week leading to the Midterm elections.  Read the letters here. You can still write your letter today! Find out what Salit said and where to send your letter here


The national Coffee Party held its first convention in Louisville, Kentucky the weekend of September 24-26 entitled Restoring American Democracy and was invited to be a sponsor of the event by Coffee Party founder Annabel Park.  Michael Lewis of Independent Kentucky and Gwen Mandell, national coordinator of conducted a workshop on “The Rise of Independent Voter.” Read More

View "Rise of the Independent Voter" Workshop here





Newly independent elected officials go to work for political reform. Joelle Riddle (top left), a County Commissioner in La Plata, Colorado, decided that she could serve her constituents most effectively as an independent. So the former Democrat changed her registration - only to find she couldn't run again as an independent because state law requires that would-be candidates who re-register must have done so 18 months in advance of the election. Riddle filed a lawsuit challenging the law; she also turned to State Representative Kathleen Curry (bottom left), then Speaker Pro Tem of the House, asking her to sponsor legislation that would level the playing field. Curry re-registered as an indy too! Read the joint amicus brief filed by CUIP and Riddle in support of State Curry’s appeal which seeks relief from discriminatory deadlines imposed on independent candidates (along with the press release announcing it) and an article about Riddle's efforts in the Durango Herald. Independent Voters for Colorado, launched a petition drive calling for non-partisan open primaries (Top Two).


Independents at Democracy in America Conference. Nancy Ross, CUIP's Director of Special Projects, attended the Democracy in America conference and reports. Read more.

  Independents at Claim Democracy Conference. Harry Kresky (pictured on right with US Term Limits and Initiative & Referendum champion Paul Jacob) led a workshop on the subject of fusion-voting and the Independence Party experience in NY at a conference on political reform sponsored by FairVote and 60 other organizations. Read more.

Oregon Open Primary Initiative Relaunches for 2008. Opening up partisan primaries to independent voters is a litmus test issue on the political reform front and now Phil Keisling, a former Oregon Secretary of State, is planning an effort to put an open primary initiative on the ballot in November 2008. Read more.

Photo: Tom Brokaw speaks to AARP audience   Independents Take Action Against Exclusionary Debate. CUIP mobilized independents to write letters to AARP, Iowa Public Television and PBS urging the inclusion of former Senator Mike Gravel and Rep. Dennis Kucinich who were excluded from the presidential forum in Davenport, Iowa. Click here to read more
  2007 National Conference of Independents. Hosted by CUIP political director Jackie Salit, 500 independents from 31 states gathered in New York City for a day long event featuring an in-depth look at how independents can increase visibility and influence in the political process.
The Southern Regional Conference of Independents.  Georgia Independent Voters ("GIV") co-chair Murray Dabby (right) with independent broadcaster Rob Redding of were among 50 who attended the Southern Regional Conference of Independents in Atlanta, GA.

2003 National Conference of Independents. 3 hours, 5 minutes CSPAN broadcast covering two panels and an audience Q & A session. New York City January 19, 2003.



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NYC: Building the Indie-to-Indie
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