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"Political magazine courting independents"
Washington Times

"New magazine for independents"
New York Times

"Whether you call them swing voters, persuadables or undecided, in a 50/50 nation, the peole in the middle of the electorate have all the power. Soon they'll have a magazine to call their own, too."
"Though Republican and Democratic caterwauling seems to dominate the political discourse in the United States, an independent undercurrent is alive and well. This independent streak was on exhibit when Michael Bloomberg was re-elected mayor of New York City in 2005, Jacqueline Salit argues in an article for the New York-based Neo-Independent. Partisan politics, Salit says, led African-American voters to be disenchanted with the Democratic Party. The partisan haze prevented political wonks from predicting such a scenario, so when nearly half of black voters went to Bloomberg, whom Salit labels an independent Republican, many analysts were surprised. Score one for independent voters. – Utne Reader, Nick Rose
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We're re-launching The Neo-Independent ... this time online, with new features and interactivity. Over the coming months we'll be publishing cutting-edge news and political analysis on the emerging independent movement. Stay tuned!

Omar H. Ali, Executive Editor

Jackie Salit, Publisher

Contributing Editors: Phyllis Goldberg, Harry Kresky, Fred Newman, Jackie Salit


George Washington Sheds a Tear. George Washington, the estimable founding father who warned against the "baneful effects" of political parties sheds a tear on the cover. Inside are reports from independent activist/correspondents around the country.  Also included are a selection of articles about independents which have recently appeared in mainstream publications (reprinted with permission) by Liz Halloran (U.S. News & World Report), Ari Pinkus (CSM), Demetria Irwin (The Amsterdam News), Jo Mannies (St. Louis Dispatch), and more.

Barack Obama: The Real Deal or Just Another Democrat? If Obama expects to channel all the expectations he is raising into a political party that has been a primary source of the corruption of American progressivism, he runs the risk of dissipating the movement that is driving his candidacy. The polls show him leading among independent voters -- according to the latest Rasmussen poll he has a 19-point advantage of Hillary Clinton. Obama is simultaneously party loyalist and independent populist...
The Saturated Center. Republican and Democratic party leaders are studying their political fortunes. The Democrats took the House and the Senate. The proverbial political pendulum has swung, but where? After all, the Democratic Party won control of Congress with an anti-war message, but arguably the party remains a supporter of the Iraq war - a critic of President Bush's exe-cution of it, not his decision to conduct it.
The Color of the Independent Movement. Though the media rendered an image of the angry white male to define the independent voter, beginning in 1992 - when Ross Perot first ran for the presidency - those inside the movement know the true story to be otherwise. The "radical white middle" and the disaffected black and Latino Democrat is an electoral alliance with the potential to rock the political world. Indeed, some would argue that it already has.
Back Road to the White House. Much of what now goes on in the independent movement – whatever survived the implosion of Ross Perot's Reform Party, the political schizophrenia of the Greens, and the stagnation of the Libertarians – exists outside national parties altogether. That said, the movement as a whole, including its "anti-party" or non-party elements, has begun in various ways to turn its attention to 2008.
The Power of Fusion. In scattered situations independents have tipped an election to an unexpected and "out-of-the-box" outcome, as they did with Jesse Ventura in Minnesota, Michael Bloomberg in New York and Arnold Schwarzenegger in California. Yet the national power of independents remains uneven and unexpressed. Now they are beginning to seek political recognition. And that should change the equation.
A Constitutional Crisis.The current political situation in the country contains significant elements of a developing consitutional crises. While a political realignment has been taking place over the past 25 years, the country's political insti-tutions have resisted the process of reorganization necessary to accom-
modate it. That realignment is, of course, the emergence of the independent voter statistically and as a political force.
Unpopular Partnerships (Bloomberg's Dilemma) A lifelong Democrat who registered Republican to run in an uncluttered field, he won narrowly, his margin of victory coming from the Independence Party's line. Mike Bloomberg's road to City Hall was an unorthodox one.

THE NEO-INDEPENDENT magazine is the only media outlet in the country produced by and for independents.

If you are looking for:

  • in-depth political analysis from the independent perspective
  • compliations of the mainstream press coverage of independents
  • a front row seat to the ways independents are impacting and can impact on the 2008 presidential candidates

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