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I Can’t Caucus For Bernie
Because I’m an Independent


Statement by Independent Voter Catana Barnes
Released on February 19, 2016

My name is Catana L Barnes. I am an independent voter and the president of Independent Voters of Nevada, I would like to caucus for Bernie Sanders but the state of Nevada and the Democratic Party of Nevada require that I give up my independence to do so. 

Call me an electoral conscientious objector.  I believe partisan warfare is wrong.  Forcing unaffiliated voters to join a political organization in order to be able to vote is wrong.  As much as I would like to caucus for Bernie, I can’t do what I am required to do.

Mr. Sanders, an independent himself, needs the support of the independent voters here in Nevada (just as he did in NH and in Iowa.) Polls currently show that he is neck and neck with Hillary Clinton. 

Because independent voters are seeking a “political revolution,” many will switch their party affiliation in order to caucus for Mr. Sanders.  I support their action.  I understand it, and I hope that following the caucuses, they will re-register as independents.  I also urge them to take one more step -- contact me and join the movement to change the partisan election system which treats independents like second class citizens, even though we are 43% of the country!

Bernie Sanders had the guts to take on the most powerful political machine in America, the Clinton machine, when no one else would.  He had the guts to say that the American people bailed out Wall Street and now it’s time for Wall Street to return the favor.

 But it is we, the independents, who have to lead the way to the systemic political change that will make it possible to achieve humane solutions to the social and economic crisis.  We must put the people first, not the parties.

I personally invite every independent voter who supports a “political revolution” to join the independent voter movement by contacting me at ivonorg@gmail.com. We can, we have and we will succeed at bringing about changes that empower all voters.


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