It is not simply a matter of big money in politics. There is big money in all of American life. The more pervasive problem is that we now have self-interested political institutions — the parties — that are considered “too big to fail.” Are we supposed to protect them and their refusal to share power with the people at all costs?

Nonpartisan Elections Crucial to Increase Voter Turnout
December 14, 2016

If we want to bring people together and increase voter participation, we must dismantle the structures that keep them apart.

Revolts, Reforms and Divides: An Independent Look at the 2016 Presidential Election
November 21, 2016

One of the (very!) few pollsters who got the presidential election right, Patick Caddell, had this to say the day before the election: “The political battleground is no longer over ideology but instead is all about insurgency

Letter to President-Elect Donald J. Trump
November 13, 2016

Over 400 independents from 42 states signed onto a letter to President Elect Trump co-authored by Rick Robol of Independent Ohio and Jacqueline Salit, urging immediate steps to attend to the problem of partisanship in government.

How the Three B’s (Bernie, Barack and Bloomberg) Abandoned the Political Revolution
August 10, 2016

I am an independent. Today, 42 percent of the country are independents. Being an independent is not just an electoral category. It’s a social category, a personal category. ..