It is not simply a matter of big money in politics. There is big money in all of American life. The more pervasive problem is that we now have self-interested political institutions — the parties — that are considered “too big to fail.” Are we supposed to protect them and their refusal to share power with the people at all costs?

The Last Time Trump Wrecked a Party
July 18, 2016

“I was interested in gaining access to his blue collar white voters because I’ve always been concerned with that split between the interest of people of color and the white working class.”

Testimony to the Democratic National Committee
June 17, 2016

We will never break the partisan gridlock in Congress, until and unless every voter has a meaningful vote in the presidential election process

It’s Time to Expand Voting Rights
May 9, 2016

This presidential primary season has exposed serious fault lines in our election system. One has been known for years. The voting rights of African Americans and Latinos continue to be compromised.

Democracy? So Why Can’t We Vote for Bernie Sanders?
April 28, 2016

We want to vote for Senator Bernie Sanders in the presidential primary taking place in New York on April 19, 2016. But we cannot.