Join our National Conference Call

Every two months CUIP’s president, Jackie Salit, hosts a national conference call for new and veteran political activists. Two hundred independent leaders from as many as 40 states participate in each of these conference calls, making them the largest regular gathering of independent voters in the country.



Mr. President, Tear Down this Wall!

Salit speaks about’s new campaign on the Presidential Commission on the Election Administration to recognize that Americans want non-partisan government on every level.  She speaks about it in the backdrop of the supreme court decision striking down Section 4 of the Voter Rights Act that protected candidates in minority districts.  



Where Do We Grow From Here? An Independent View

How do we grow our movement? Why is our grassroots movement interested in nonpartisan elections and open primaries?  How the system impacts the lives of real people, how we live and govern.  Why political reform issues are not technical issues.  Pursuing new forms of political association and a political system to address America’s challenges.



Roads and Roadblocks: How the Independent Movement is Stepping on Toes (including Big Toes!)

In the runup to’s 7th conference, Salit talks about changing politics in America and how independents are responding.  Debate over strategy isn’t taking place in the academy, but in the communities, in the reality of mainstream American politics. How do we make the political system developmental and relevant for mainstream America?