Join our National Conference Call

Every two months CUIP’s president, Jackie Salit, hosts a national conference call for new and veteran political activists. Two hundred independent leaders from as many as 40 states participate in each of these conference calls, making them the largest regular gathering of independent voters in the country.



How Independents Can Make Our Mark in the Midterms

Jackie Salit analogized the wave of independent motion to the reported cosmological breakthrough:

” I’d argue that we, through various things we’re doing to build our movement, are providing and creating a special energy (to use the scientific term) that’s driving the expansion and development of the independent political universe.”



Being an Independent: Why It Matters More Than Ever

Jackie Salit spoke about the War on Poverty on its 50th anniversary and how it gave greater control to the political parties while failing in its mission. “We are the force, that believes public policy has got to be nonpartisan, it’s got to be workable, it has to be developmental, and it can’t be structured or organized in ways that accrue greater and greater power to the political parties…



Commission to Independents: Stop Talking. Independents to Commission: We’re Just Getting Started!

Progress report on Independent Voting’s campaign to pressure the Commission on Presidential Elections. Salit address the crisis of partisanship. “Party loyalists are working overtime to protect themselves from any kind of nonpartisan reform while we are being told to sit down and be quiet.”