“What our young people are saying to us is ‘we don’t want to be in a party, we are independents and we want to do politics in a new way’ and we have to support that and that’s what we’re doing”

-- Lenora Fulani, CNN

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Since the mid-nineteenth century, there has been an undercurrent of political independence among African Americans.

    Black voters display Diminishing support for Hillary Clinton


    The Democratic Party rejects an alliance with independents


    Fulani leads “Who decided Hillary was best for the Black Community?” campaign challenging the Democratic Party’s support of Hillary Clinton over insurgency of Barack Obama, who reaches out to all Americans in his successful U.S. Presidential bid to become the first African American elected to the White House. Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney also runs as the Green Party’s presidential candidate this year.


    Michael Bloomberg is elected Mayor of New York City running as a fusion candidate on the Independence Party and Republican Party lines and supports non-partisan electoral reforms.

Oprah Winfrey – Why I’m an Independent Voter
"I don't want any party," said Winfrey at a campaign event for Stacey Abrams, Democratic Party candidate for Governor of Georgia, "and I don’t want any kind of partisan influence telling me what decisions I get to make for myself.
A Voice in the Wilderness: Micah White
"Everyone should be talking to Dr. Lenora Fulani. Who is Dr. Lenora Fulani? I just discovered her myself. In 1988, Dr. Lenora Fulani ran for president. She’s an African-American woman and she ran for president in 1988. She was on every state ballot, 50 state ballots. The Green Party in 2016 did not get on every state ballot. What I’m saying is that she knows it’s possible. Why do I have to wait until 2017 to learn about someone who did this in 1988? Everyone’s telling me it’s impossible but here’s a black woman in 1988 who did this. We all pretend like Hillary Clinton was the first, but here’s a black woman who did this. She’s still alive, people. She should be in every single interview right now. I think what I’m saying, is, there are people out there who we can learn from, but again, notice she didn’t just stay on the left. She worked with Left and Right, and Lefts hated her for that. Again, there’re these people who’ve been ostracized, but who they hold wisdom, and we need to start tapping into it."
Nonpartisan Elections Crucial to Increase Voter Turnout
If we want to bring people together and increase voter participation, we must dismantle the structures that keep them apart.
Testimony to the Democratic National Committee
We will never break the partisan gridlock in Congress, until and unless every voter has a meaningful vote in the presidential election process
The Last Time Trump Wrecked a Party
“I was interested in gaining access to his blue collar white voters because I’ve always been concerned with that split between the interest of people of color and the white working class.”
Democracy? So Why Can’t We Vote for Bernie Sanders?
We want to vote for Senator Bernie Sanders in the presidential primary taking place in New York on April 19, 2016. But we cannot.
  • Juliana Francisco

    Juliana Francisco lives in Brooklyn and is an activist with and the New York City Independence Clubs.  She is on the phones daily with independents around the country as part of a phone outreach team

  • Randy Miller

    Randy Miller, UT, leader of Utah League of Independent Voters, Miller has been out in front in organizing meetings of independents, and campaigns for other Utah activists to participate in shining a light on the issues of independents. Miller collected 100 post cards from independents who signed to Open Our Democracy

  • Gwen Samuel

    Gwen Samuel, Meriden CT., founder of several parents groups and champion of several educational reform bill, Samuel left the Democratic Party last year to become an independent and form Independent Voters of Connecticut.

  • Tiani Coleman

    Tiani Coleman, Amherst, NH is an attorney, mother and founder of New Hampshire Independent Voters, Tiani is the former Salt Lake County chair of the Republican Party in Utah

  • Rick Robol

    Rick Robol is Chair of Independent Ohio and leader of Independent Voting’s National Election Reform Committee.  An attorney and member of Veterans for Bernie Sanders