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  • Democracy Unchained
    How to Rebuild Government for the People

    Democracy Unchained: How to Rebuild Government for the People features a chapter on independent voters written by Independent Voting President Jacqueline Salit and Chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education Thom Reilly, and is on sale now!

  • Message From The President
    We Strive For An Independent America

    The American people are rebelling against the over-reach of parties, partisanship and ideology. This is at the heart of the political disruptions which are becoming commonplace in our country.

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
    87% of Independents Believe They Don’t Get it from the Media, the Political Parties or the Candidates

    In a blockbuster survey of close to 5,000 independent voters conducted by Independent Voting from early June through Labor Day 2018, non-aligned voters rendered a clear verdict on whether they get the respect they deserve from the media, the political parties or the candidates. A resounding 87.56% said they did not.

  • Finding Otherness:
    A Blueprint for an Independent Conversation about 2020

    The persistent upheavals in American elections, combined with the continued disalignment away from the political parties and towards political independence have delivered to the independent/reform movement a mandate to go to work together on remaking the political system.

  • Gamechangers?

    Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University and the Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy have teamed up with Independent Voting to better examine the independent voter phenomenon and the impact that it is having on the American political landscape. The findings have been outlined in this important briefing paper.

  • EYES on 2020 - An Interim Report

    Independent Voting has published a 39 page interim report outlining the progress of the EYES on 2020 campaign, which is pressing for the inclusion of independents in the presidential primaries across the country. The report includes state by state updates, a review of the significant inroads made, and sample press coverage and organizing materials.

Civics 101 with Jackie Salit, Tiani Coleman and Samara Klar
In a recent episode of the Civics 101 podcast, host Hannah McCarthy is joined by Independent Voting President Jackie Salit, New Hampshire Independent Voters President Tiani Coleman, and Samara Klar of the University of Arizona School of Government and Public Policy for a conversation about the growth and power of independent voters.
What do nonpartisan voters in Nevada want? Moderation (Las Vegas Review-Journal)
Rory Appleton from the Las Vegas Review-Journal contacted Jackie Salit for help in identifying independent voters to be on a panel of nonpartisan Nevada voters discussing local and statewide issues and the presidential election. Those on Appleton's panel (several of whom are members of our network) all expressed different ideologies, experiences and priorities, but shared one thing in common - the desire to break away from the two-party system.
How impeachment could impact independent voters in 2020 (Fox News)
Watch a panel of independent voters (including Independent Voting Board Member Dr. Jessie Fields, Sue Davies of New Jersey Independent Voters, and Daniel Battista of Baruch College, Civics Unplugged) express their dissatisfaction with the hyper-partisan impeachment process on a segment from Fox News.

black america goes independent.

For generations, African Americans have been politically connected to the Democratic Party. Find out how that is changing and who is leading the way.


A Note from Jackie Salit, Independent Voting President

In these dire circumstances, it can be difficult to think about the importance of developing our democracy, or the systemic reform issues that independent-minded people care about. We’re all focused on the immediate needs of our families and communities and the national mobilization to mitigate the spread of the virus while radically upgrading the health system’s capacity to respond. 

At the same time, the crisis shows us the deep level of disconnect between our public policy-making and the actual human needs that are arising at this time in history. It’s not an ideological question. It’s really something very practical. We must close that gap.

For this reason, the work to fortify our democracy and to re-set our political practices and paradigms is an essential part of the path to recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic. What we do today, the actions we take, the alternatives we create, will determine how well we emerge from this crisis.
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