More and more Americans feel that the ideological categories dictated by the parties (primarily for their own gain!) are useless and even harmful to us. We want to create new forms of political expression.

Our Spokesperson Training is an ongoing series offered to independents in the Independent Voting network who want to advance their skills and effectiveness as a spokesperson on behalf of independent voters in their local areas. We start with this Power Point primer for our spokespeople and the simple exercise of formulating your answer to the question: “Why are you an independent?”

The Spokesperson Training takes place by ZOOM conference call the third Thursday of every month. In between the calls, I’m available to speak by phone or correspond by email about specific questions or roadblocks you hit in the process of trying to get your message across as a representative of independent voters in your area.

Activists in our network often send me drafts of letters to the editor, op-eds or press releases for review. I tweak them and send them back with my comments. I also assist with distribution of materials to the press.

You don’t have to have any prior experience to participate in the Spokesperson Training calls. But you do need to have a willingness to try some new things!

I look forward to working with you.

Sarah Lyons
Director of Communications