More and more Americans feel that the ideological categories dictated by the parties (primarily for their own gain!) are useless and even harmful to us. We want to create new forms of political expression.

Part educational, part performance training, the Spokesperson Training, Independent Voting’s flagship program will give you the tools to talk about why you’re an independent and to go up against the media’s portrayal of us as hidden partisans.

There are be three segments in the training: 1. An education powerpoint presentation (which will also be made available for your use post-training); 2. a Q&A session in which you’ll have an opportunity to dialogue w/ Independent Voting President Jackie Salit and 3. a special performance training/improvisational segment with top notch performance trainers.

If you would like to apply for the spokesperson training, contact Gwen Mandell at [email protected] or fill out the application below. Check out this Power Point presentation for a preview.