2020 Survey: Independents Speak Out

Now that the Coronavirus pandemic is in full play, we Americans are feeling the impact of our broken, partisan political system in new ways. We are eager to launch our new nationwide survey geared specifically for independent voters, called Confronting a New Reality: Independents Speak Out.

We want to thank you in advance for taking the survey and ask you to share the survey with your friends and family. We will use your responses to focus the discussion on the issues of concern to independents and what we need to develop our democracy.

Dear Independents,

Independent Voting has just launched a new survey for independent voters, called Confronting a New Reality: Independents Speak Out.

Our country is experiencing challenges unlike ever before! For independent voters, this moment is opening our eyes even more to the urgency of moving our country beyond partisanship. We’ve got to make real and lasting changes to our political system to make it more democratic and more responsive to the actual needs of the American people.

Through this survey, independents can speak out about some of the key issues currently confronting the nation: how the Coronavirus crisis and the response to it has exposed weaknesses and bias in our political system, how the 2020 presidential election is being affected, and what independents want to do to develop our political strength in the years ahead.

Our success depends on each of us, so can you take these small steps?

First: Please watch and share our video statement.

Besides taking the survey yourself, we want every independent voter in the country to have a chance to take the survey.

Next: Please share the survey.

You can share from our Independent Voting Facebook page.

Do you belong to any Facebook groups? Ask the administrator of the group to post the survey there and post in the comment section of others’ posts. Post in as many places and as frequently as makes sense to maximize visibility.

Sending personal messages through Facebook Messenger makes a difference! Personal touches make it more likely that you will get a positive response.

Are you on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Linked-in, Reddit, online discussion forums or message boards? Share the survey on every social media platform you have access to.

Then, make a list of people you know who are not particularly well-served by our political process. Connect with everyone on your list, e-mail, a phone call, etc., and get the survey sent to them!

Are you a writer (or desire to be one)? Write a letter to the editor or an op-ed that promotes the survey.

Please email us (Tiani / Randy), and share with us your ideas and let us know how it’s going. We look forward to sharing updates on the campaign with you.

Thanks again,

Tiani Coleman (NH Independent Voters) and Randy Miller (Utah League of Independent Voters)

Survey Co-chairs