Building the Conversation Between Independent Candidates and Independent Voters

As the community of independent voters grows in America (we are now 44% of the electorate), more candidates are running for office as independents. While those candidates are running for many different reasons and many different offices, the most significant among them see themselves as part of a broader independent movement.

Since our mission at Independent Voting is to create a national third force (not a third party), we wanted to help the candidates who sought our support to engage in the issues of particular concern to the 44%.

We created a three step program for independent candidates.

Our goal is:

  • Educate independent candidates on the rise and role of independent voters across the country as a restless engine for change.
  • Inform candidates about the structural political reforms that would introduce more fairness into the political process and would grant independent voters full voting rights.
  • Participating candidates are invited to create a short video message introducing themselves to the Independent Voting community, telling us why they are independent and how they see the role of independents in America today.

We hope you will take a look at these potential public servants who have the courage to carve out a new path to democracy.

Independent Candidates
Oz Griebel & Monte Frank
Terry Hayes
Greg Orman
Nick Reid
Jason Armentrout
Stephanie Miner
Michael Mullen
Smythe Duval