Juliana Francisco

Juliana Francisco lives in Brooklyn and is an activist with IndependentVoting.org and the New York City Independence Clubs.  She is on the phones daily with independents around the country as part of a phone outreach team

Randy Miller

Randy Miller, UT, leader of Utah League of Independent Voters, Miller has been out in front in organizing meetings of independents, and campaigns for other Utah activists to participate in shining a light on the issues of independents. Miller collected 100 post cards from independents who signed to Open Our Democracy

Gwen Samuel

Gwen Samuel, Meriden CT., founder of several parents groups and champion of several educational reform bill, Samuel left the Democratic Party last year to become an independent and form Independent Voters of Connecticut.

Tiani Coleman

Tiani Coleman, Amherst, NH is an attorney, mother and founder of New Hampshire Independent Voters, Tiani is the former Salt Lake County chair of the Republican Party in Utah

Rick Robol

Rick Robol is Chair of Independent Ohio and leader of Independent Voting’s National Election Reform Committee.  An attorney and member of Veterans for Bernie Sanders