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Every two months CUIP’s president, Jackie Salit, hosts a national conference call for new and veteran political activists. Two hundred independent leaders from as many as 40 states participate in each of these conference calls, making them the largest regular gathering of independent voters in the country.



And Now What? A Post-Election Review for Independents & Friends

In her post-election briefing, Independent Voting President Jackie Salit provides a snapshot of independents’ role in the 2020 election and plans ahead for driving a new agenda.

Watch the full conversation, now on Zoom, here.


What Does it Mean to Be an Independent in 2020?

Jackie Salit responds to questions regarding what it means to be independent in 2020, on the 2020 presidential contest, on the political reform issues that animate independents and on the current character of the movement to win respect, recognition and reform for independents.



As the Battle for the White House Heats Up, Independents Ask: What Can We do About the Mess We’re In?
 Salit responds to questions. Topics include:  The Eyes on 2020 Campaign; Pathways to open the primaries; The Presidential race; Turning the hyperpartisan noise into opportunity;  Where do you see the movement in 2025? And more.