Independent Voter Panel Rebels on Fox News

Independent Voter Panel Rebels on Fox News

A panel of independent voters brought together by Fox & Friends on October 22nd to share their views on the midterm elections deftly displayed the power of independence by diffusing a partisan trap set around the topic of immigration.

Independent Voting’s VP for National Development, Cathy Stewart, was among the four independent panelists which also included: Michael Willner of SAM (Serve America Movement); John Opdycke, President of Open Primaries; and Aaron Commey, Chair of the Manhattan Libertarian Party.

After discussing how independents viewed the midterm elections, host Steve Doocy returned to a story from a previous segment and attempted to sound alarms about the caravan of migrants heading to the United States.

The independent panelists took turns reframing the issue and refused to treat the crisis as a political football.

Avi Selk, a reporter for the Washington Post, picked up on the exchange and published “A Fox & Friends Voter Panel Rebels When Asked About the Migrant Caravan” the following day.

Take a look at how independents changed the national conversation for a few minutes on Monday morning: