Open Elections

Open Elections
Kim Ames-Wright

As a new Arizona resident and an independent voter, I was pleased to learn that I would be able to participate in the primary election. And although obtaining a primary ballot in Arizona as an independent still requires some fancy footwork, I have high hopes the process will be streamlined by a switch to nonpartisan elections where all voters are treated equally regardless of party affiliation.

Independent voters are the largest voting bloc in Arizona and nearly 45 percent of American voters consider themselves independent, without party affiliation. These numbers reflect the need for political reform.

Recently, Rep. John Delaney of Maryland re-introduced a bill that provides national guidelines for conducting primary elections. The Open Our Democracy Act would establish open primaries for all House and Senate elections, utilizing a single primary ballot, open to all voters. The top two vote-getters would then advance to the general elections. Additionally, this bill would make Election Day a federal public holiday and would require all states to conduct congressional redistricting via independent commissions. Rep. Delaney said, “The Congress that works best for America is the Congress that best reflects America.”

I couldn’t agree more and have contacted my House representative and asked them to support HR2655 to open our democracy.

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