It is not simply a matter of big money in politics. There is big money in all of American life. The more pervasive problem is that we now have self-interested political institutions — the parties — that are considered “too big to fail.” Are we supposed to protect them and their refusal to share power with the people at all costs?

Spoiler Alert: Schultz, the Democrats and the Independents
February 13, 2019

Howard Schultz’s announcement that he is considering an independent presidential run unleashed a sudden surge of spoiler propaganda. This month in her column for IVN, Jackie Salit takes a look at how Schultz "is doing the country a great service, whether he planned to or not."

A Brief Recap of Some Spoiler Controversies
February 12, 2019

Since Howard Schultz’s announcement that he is considering an independent presidential run, a sudden surge of spoiler propaganda has us looking back.

Independents Letter to DNC Chair Tom Perez
December 12, 2018

Jackie Salit, the President of Independent Voting,  sent the following letter to Tom Perez, chair of the Democratic National Committee. She invited independent activists and leaders in her network to join in this outreach. The letter urges that he meet with a group of independent leaders and take the decisive step of opening the 2020 presidential primaries and caucuses to independent voters.

What Independent Voters Did on Election Day and Why
December 3, 2018

Independent voters came out in force, grabbed the system by the lapels and gave it a good shake. Independents comprised 30% of the electorate, up from 28% in 2014.  In all, almost 34 million non-aligned voters cast ballots.  The increase in the number of independents who voted as compared with the last midterms was 38%, whereas Democrat/Republican voting rose by 25%.  While the parties were dedicating themselves to “bringing out their base,” independents chose to be a major part of the equation in 2018.