Letter to Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Mayor Pete Buttigieg


Dear Mayor Buttigieg,

I write on behalf of the country’s largest association of independent voters. I have been following your campaign closely and have appreciated your comments about independents, how ideology and centrism are not fruitful ways to reach us, and how the tension between democracy and capitalism may be the greatest challenge of our time.

We have been organizing independents for 35 years – not as a base for a party – but as “first responders” to the crisis in American democracy and as change agents for much needed political reforms.

Our understanding, experience and belief is that a guiding impulse of independents is that they don’t want to be categorized or restricted by ideological guideposts. They are pragmatic, believe in the fundamentality of democracy and feel it’s time to address the democracy crisis openly and straightforwardly.  Our broken process makes elections difficult tools by which voters can make course corrections.

Independents are a restless engine looking for transformational leadership, and your ability and willingness to address what’s actually going on in the country is meaningful.

We would like to have the opportunity to meet with you, in South Bend or in NYC, and talk with you about how to move America forward.

Sarah Lyons
Director of Communications
Independent Voting
417 Fifth Ave, Ste 811
New York, NY 10016

Dr. Jessie Fields
Board Member
Independent Voting
417 Fifth Ave, Ste 811
New York, NY 10016

Note: As a recent guest on Fox News, I spoke as an independent, and a physician, on the issue of democracy, healthcare and capitalism. Please see my segment here (at 2:30:00).