Is this the Rainbow We’ve Been Waiting For?

The culture of the independent movement has not permeated the American mainstream in the way, for example, that SpongeBob or Brangelina have. Not to worry. Avant-garde theatre, music and fashion first appear in out-of-the-way performance spaces or on the streets, often taking decades to filter through to Broadway or Dancing with the Stars. Likewise, the independent movement is creating its own outside-the-box culture in a variety of venues as we develop into a mainstream force. There is probably no more edgy American political/cultural performance than wearing a tee shirt. We had some great ones this political season. In South Dakota, which held one of the final primaries in the Democratic line-up, independents were barred from voting but wanted to make a point. Kim Wright of South Dakota Voice of Independents and family members put their plight out there in plain English.