Join our National Conference Call

Every two months CUIP’s president, Jackie Salit, hosts a national conference call for new and veteran political activists. Two hundred independent leaders from as many as 40 states participate in each of these conference calls, making them the largest regular gathering of independent voters in the country.



Great Expectations: What Do the Parties Want; What Do Independents Need?

Jackie Salit interviews Randy Miller (Utah) and Tiani Coleman (New Hampshire), coordinators of the “9 Questions for the 44%” campaign – the survey of independent voters which asked independent voters to weigh in about why they’re independent. She also responds to a range of questions sent in regarding the potential of a united independent coalition emerging, the best way to make our voices heard and the role of independent candidates.



Diary of an Independent Voter: What They Say About Us and Why They are Afraid of Us

Who are independents?  Is the independent movement gaining recognition and visibility? Where is the movement headed as we move toward the midterms and 2020? 175 activists join Jackie Salit to talk about the growth of the movement.



Small Bites At the Apple, Big Issues on the Table: A Post-Election Conference Call

Jackie Salit takes a look at the recent election results and engages the rules of engagement for independents participation in future elections.  She says, “We have to get beyond the partisanship, the self-servingness, the self-dealingness and the destructiveness as it’s currently organized.”