We are a national strategy, communications, and organizing center working to connect and empower the 40% of Americans who identify themselves as independents. Our mission is to develop a movement of independent voters, in partnership with Americans of all persuasions, to reform America’s political process, create unorthodox coalitions and use our democracy to develop our nation.

  • Message From The President
    We Strive For An Independent America

    The American people are rebelling against the over-reach of parties, partisanship and ideology. This is at the heart of the political disruptions which are becoming commonplace in our country.

  • “Crossroads for an Independent America”
    National Conference of Independents

    On March 18-19, 2017 the 9th biennial National Conference of Independents took place in New York City. Over 350 leaders from 35 states met to address the challenge of moving our country beyond the constraints of partisan politics. Video footage of the conference's featured panels and presentations is available here.

  • Finding Otherness:
    A Blueprint for an Independent Conversation about 2020

    The persistent upheavals in American elections, combined with the continued disalignment away from the political parties and towards political independence have delivered to the independent/reform movement a mandate to go to work together on remaking the political system.


Independents become independents because we are repelled by the current political system—by the self-dealing and arrogance of politicians and political parties. We are 44 percent of the country today.


Building Independent Community: How We Develop Our Power !
Video resources referenced by Jackie Salit on her May 21st, 2017 National Conference Call.
Bernie Offers Perfect Advice to Democrats, But Will They Listen?
Jacqueline Salit's latest oped responds to Sen. Sander's remarks on MSNBC that the "Democrats will not succeed unless it attracts many, many millions of independents." Salit tells both the political backstory and points to an actionable future for this claim, calling for the building of a coalition of outsiders.
Power, Poverty and Democracy
Dr. Lenora Fulani spoke on the topic of Power, Poverty and Democracy at the National Conference of Independents in New York City on March 18, 2017.

black america goes independent.

For generations, African Americans have been politically connected to the Democratic Party. Find out how that is changing and who is leading the way.


In the Aftermath...

The events in Charlottesville are prompting many Americans to speak out against racism, Naziism, anti-Semitism and KKKism. All to the good as our country has struggled since its birth to become a unified nation based on liberty and justice with malice toward none. We can never re-enforce those principles too much.

These issues are far too serious to be used as a partisan (including intra-Republican and intra-Democratic) football by a political class that has justifiably lost the confidence and trust of the American people. Everyone in the bipartisan corridors of power is scrambling to be politically correct, or to be politically incorrect, depending on how they calculate their electoral futures. Let's not fall for that game, even as we deplore violence and hatred from the bottom of our hearts.

Jackie Salit
President, Independent Voting

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